Thursday, November 6, 2008

Conservative Pride!

Hi! My name is Garrett and I am a conservative. I have always known in my heart that I was conservative. When I was a kid and the other kids talked about abortion and gay marriage I was thinking about my newborn sister and how great it was to have a father and a mother. It was hard. I never felt like I fit in. There were times when I questioned my political philosophy, but I would just deny it and bury it. Finally, I was tired of living all the lies and pretending to be something I wasn't. When I was 23 years old, I told my liberal parents that I was conservative. They had a hard time with it, but they have grown to accept me and even joke about my being conservative.

I think it's important to point out that I did not choose to be a conservative. God made me this way. It is unfair for others to ask me to expand my thinking and accept homosexual lifestyles, because it would deny who I really am. It's difficult to be a conservative in this liberal world. We are constantly the butt of jokes and the objects of scorn. But, today I am proud to be a conservative. I am glad God made me this way, even if it does make things difficult for me sometimes. We are all different and you need to be tolerant of me and accept my lifestyle and ideas. To do otherwise, would make you hateful, divisive, and oppressive.


Tristen said...

I can't resist a comment... I LOVE THIS!! Thanks for writing this, it gave me a good laugh. By the way, I'm friends with Rachel and the Monsons from the Naperville years!

Carrie Anne said...

love it...i just read it to james & he loved it, too... your blog is rockin'! i should copy & paste this in my last post on prop 8...i'm way too wordy...oh well...i'm not in law school!:)

Rachel said...

This is brilliant as always honey! You always know how to say "BOOYAH" in the most witty ways:)

Alexis said...

My brother from another mother. I enjoyed reading your comments. I'm also a conservative. I can't say it in as many words like you though. That's probably why I don't have a blog because it would be only be a few sentences that would say "Queers suck and liberals don't shower."

Hey man, we're moving to New Mexico for my job so we're excited to be closer to Utah. Give me a call sometime. Later buddy.

Dustin G.