Saturday, December 19, 2009

Al Gore Reads "Apocalypse" Poem

You've got to love Al Gore, right?  He's got a grammy, an Oscar, and a Nobel Peace Prize.  Well, watch out poets, cause now he's going for Poet Laureate.  I have uploaded a video of him reading his latest "apocalypse" poem.  As brilliant as the poem is and as brilliantly as this grammy award-winner reads it, I still felt like it was missing something.  After much deliberation, I concluded that it needed some background music just to set the right mood.  Here it is.  I hope you enjoy it!


One thin September soon
A floating continent disappears
In midnight sun

Vapors rise as
Fever settles on an acid sea
Neptune's bones dissolve

Snow glides from the mountain
Ice fathers floods for a season
A hard rain comes quickly

Then dirt is parched
Kindling is placed in the forest
For the lightning's celebration

Unknown creatures
Take their leave, unmourned
Horsemen ready their stirrups

Passion seeks heroes and friends
The bell of the city
On the hill is rung 

The shepherd cries
The hour of choosing has arrived
Here are your tools 


Rachel said...

What a cheery guy! That music fits this happy poem so well!

ben said...

Love it, especially the music at the very end