Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Liberal In Nature: Book Synopsis

When Democrats suffer a crushing political defeat, Andrew, a self-proclaimed liberal, flees society to live in the wilderness and soon discovers that his liberal ideology is perfectly suited to fixing the inequalities and injustices he perceives in nature.  He settles in a beautiful, isolated valley that is rich with mountains, streams, animals and lush vegetation.

After several months of observing the patterns and cycles of the valley, Andrew notices that nature is not as perfect as he originally thought.  He sees squirrels that gather more nuts than others, a bear who dominates and bullies the other animals, a misunderstood wolf who is the victim of prejudice, trees that don’t get as much sunlight as others, salmon who can’t spawn because of oppressive waterfalls, deer who have to work too hard for their food and much more.

Andrew takes it upon himself to bring fairness and equality to nature.  Applying his liberal ideology, he intercedes on behalf of oppressed and underprivileged organisms as he tries to fundamentally transform the valley.  He sees himself as a savior to the valley and he tries to earn the animals’ trust by easing their burdens.  His meddling, however, disrupts the balance of nature eventually producing unexpected and undesirable consequences.

Liberal In Nature addresses – directly or indirectly - important social and political issues such as: abortion, affirmative action, the death penalty, the economy, education, energy, global warming, gun control, health care, homeland security, immigration, private property, the relationship between religion and government, social security, taxes, the Tea Party, terrorism, and welfare.

Liberal In Nature is a witty, satirical political novel aimed at anyone who has an interest in politics, but it most often resonates with a more conservative audience.  It is layered with parables, metaphors, irony and humor.  Some readers enjoy it for its simplicity while others enjoy it for its depth of thought and research.  Buy a copy of Liberal In Nature !

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