Friday, March 2, 2012

Liberal Hypocrites Line Up To Piss On Breitbart's Corpse

Remember the outrage on the Left a few weeks ago when it was revealed that American soldiers had urinated on the corpses of dead terrorists? Say what you will about that, but that was a physical act aimed at terrorists, who minutes beforehand were trying to kill these same soldiers. Liberals leaned on the "morality" of defacing or debasing the dead. "Human rights", they cried.

Lefties have always claimed to be tolerant and love-filled people while accusing Conservatives of being [insert anything]-phobic, hateful and intolerant morons? Well, Andrew Breitbart's death proves otherwise as hypocritical, hate-filled liberals flocked to Twitter to express their feelings about the death of a father and husband. Here's a taste:

@FlufferFreeZone: I am THRILLED TO PIECES that @andrewbreitbart lying hypocrite is D-E-A-D. He was fukn TRASH.”

@EthanDefAnchors#AndrewBreitbart was a pile of shit. Less scum walking the Earth

@hassledloafer@AndrewBreitbart is gone, God's justice is done.

@doublemewa: My only hope is that #AndrewBreitbart gave his entire family #AIDS before mercifully shuffling off this mortal coil.”

@uTobian Breitbart was a Nazi fuck who hated women, people of color, LGBT, poor...fuck all these ppl eulogizing his Nazi ass.

@uTobian "#Andrew Breitbart was the Joseph Goebbels of social media.

@TweetsWithJesus: the movie is just right wing propganda to make AB look good, not the a$$hole he really was. Hitler would be proud.”

@CasualMeyhem…Point is he can BS no more. just enjoying his death”

@pro2rat: LOOKS like Breitfart choked to death on the pork sandwich that could have saved Arnie Coulter from terminal anorexia.

Can you feel the love? Defend dead terrorists and piss on Breitbart's memory. Condemn American soldiers for their behavior but drink lots of water so you have enough to soak Breitbart's grave. Defend OWS rapes and call Breitbart a Nazi. It is truly amazing how hypocritical and hateful the Left is. Breitbart exposed it during his life and perhaps more profoundly in death, which is why they hate him so much. He revealed their hypocrisy and showed them for what they really are: ignorant, hateful, mindless zombies.

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